All About Saudi Arabia’s Famous Drink – Coffee!


Every place that we travel to has something special about it, something that the place is famous for. Like Italy is famous for its Italian cuisine, Egypt for its landmarks, and so on. Similarly one thing very famous about Saudi Arabia is its coffee and coffee culture.

Do you love Saudi Arabia?

Or rather I should ask, do you love Saudi Arabia’s coffee?

Well, coffee is deeply rooted in the history and lifestyle of the people of Saudi Arabia! It is a long followed tradition here. Let’s read more about the origin and rise in fame of coffee in Saudi Arabia in this blog.

Why Coffee is the favorite drink in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi coffee (Qahwa) is usually coarsely ground Arabica, which is known for its bitterness and special taste of spices. The taste of coffee in Saudi Arabia is so rich and classy that it can be easily distinguished from other country’s coffee. Arabian Mocha coffee beans are grown in the mountains of Yemen and Ethiopia which have a unique flavor. This uniqueness makes coffee the favorite drink in Saudi Arabia and travelers and tourists relish it whenever they visit the country.

Best places to drink coffee in Saudi Arabia?

Coffee isn’t just a drink in Saudi Arabia, it’s an ancient tradition of hospitality – and as the country opens to tourism, it’s also one of its most interesting draws.

Some of the best places to drink coffee in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia are as follows:

  • Chorisia Lounge
  • Cafe Bateel
  • Cacti Camel Step
  • Taim Cafe
  • Sawada Cuppa Coffee

How to drink coffee correctly – Steps to follow!

Coffee Saudi famous drink

Coffee is not just a drink, it’s a tradition and drinking coffee is an art! Here we are to help you master that art correctly. Check below for the steps to drink coffee the right way. You can thank us later 😜

Step 1 – The drink is served hot; it is poured in small portions so that it cools down quickly
Step 2 – Only the host has the right to pour coffee for guests
Step 3 – The coffee pot is held in the left hand and the cups are in the right
Step 4 – You may start drinking it right away if you like your coffee hot, wait for some time for it to cool down
Step 5 – The dearest people are treated first

Steps to make the real Saudi Coffee!

The Arabian Mocha coffee beans are roasted and prepared on fire until the first foam starts to appear. Next up, it would be great if you could add cardamom and other spices to it that will enhance the aroma of the drink.

Saudi Arabia coffee shops offer other recipes, as well as drinks prepared in coffee machines. However, the characteristic taste, aroma, and characteristics of coffee are preserved, so everyone has the opportunity to enjoy it.

What does coffee symbolize in Saudi Arabia?

Coffee is a symbol of hospitality in Saudi Arabia. It is hard to imagine hospitality without the tradition of drinking Al-Qahwa. If you visit Jeddah as a guest at the best coffee shop you will be welcomed with a cup of coffee. No social event or family function is complete without coffee in Saudi Arabia. The coffee here is strong in taste and has a slightly bitter after taste, it is served with something sweet like dates or candies.

What else is famous in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is immensely famous across the world for its culture and traditions that are deeply rooted among its people. The locals are immensely rigid about their beliefs and customs and even travelers and tourists are expected to abide by the same when visiting the country.

Coffee Saudi famous drink

We wish you to enjoy the rich culture and tradition and especially the taste of Saudi Arabian coffee and hope this blog was helpful and insightful for you.

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