Visa Requirements

Documents required:
The verification of documents is crucial to the approval of visas. As well incorrect or insufficient supporting documentation might prevent your visa application from being granted. Fill out the form completely and accurately, including all the information requested. It will be our pleasure to help you obtain a Saudi visa online. Click “Apply online” to begin the hassle-free application procedure for your Saudi E visa. You must upload scanned copies of the following papers to the website:

  1. Valid passport-Have your UK passport on hand, and make sure it will still be valid at least six months after you leave Saudi Arabia. A minimum of two adjacent blank pages must be present in your passport for the admission stamp.
  2. Photograph-You must provide a digital copy of your passport-size picture. The picture you’re going to post has to be coloured and shot with a white backdrop. The subject should be clearly visible in the shot and be facing the camera.
  3. Email address To get your E visa delivered to you, provide the best email address that is currently accessible.
  4. Mode of payment-The visa cost must be paid online and you must have a debit or credit card to do so.

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