How to get Saudi Arabia visa from UK


Saudi Arabia, officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a country in Western Asia. According to reports, over 100 thousand trips are made by residents of Saudi Arabia to the UK each year. Whenever you travel to a foreign nation, be it to Saudi Arabia from UK or any other country, individuals must ensure that they abide by the laws of each country where they travel to and from.

Every visitor from Saudi Arabia to UK goes through a plethora of questions in their mind when planning for a visit. For convenience of readers, some of these questions are being answered in the section that follows:

The first common question is, do UK passport holders need a visa for Saudi Arabia?

Well, the answer is, all visitors, including pilgrims, need a visa to enter Saudi Arabia. Tourist visas are valid for 360 days from the date of issue and can be used for visits of up to 90 days. A daily fine will be levied if you overstay your visa.

Next up, visitors have a query, how can they get a Saudi Arabia tourist visa from the UK?

The answer to this is, tourists from eligible countries can apply for a tourist visa online through the e-Visa portal ahead of their trip. They can also opt for in-person applications. Read this blog on How to get a Saudi Arabia visa from UK to know further details on the application process.

If you are wondering how to apply for a Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa? Here’s the answer:

The government has proposed certain entry guidelines for visits to Saudi Arabia. The most important among these is the application process for a Saudi Arabia visa from UK. Guidelines on the same are as follows:

  1. UK Nationals can apply for an E-visa online through the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage
  2. Fill in the required details on the portal and furnish the required documents
  3. Make sure that all the details are true to the best of your knowledge
  4. Time taken to issue a eVisa is 5 to 30 minutes in most cases.

Another one is, what documents are required for a Saudi Arabia Visa?

Prerequisites for document requirements for a Saudi Arabia Visa from UK are as follows:

  • Travelers are required to submit their passport. The passport validity must suffice for at least 6 months at the time of entering Saudi.
  • They must also submit a colored copy of their passport
  • Remember to keep a few passport-size photographs of yours
  • You need to furnish certain financial proofs (if requested), like bank statements and Income Tax Returns
  • Kindly submit duly filled application form and the processing fee

Some additional documents that you may be required to submit when applying for a Saudi Arabia visa from UK include:

  • Your proof of accommodation including your hotel bookings, etc. 
  • For a student visa, candidates need to submit their letter of admission 
  • In case of a Saudi Family Visit Visa – Family member details and proof of relationship to the Saudi-residing member needs to be provided
  • National ID and its copy (if requested)
  • For a Saudi Work Visa the necessary documents includes proof of education & work experience 
  • If you are applying for Saudi Business Visa from UK, remember to furnish proof of business and its financial details 
  • Tax Returns or Tax receipts – These will show tax adhere to your resident country
  • Minimum age of applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and  they must have a valid proof of the same. For applicants under the age of 18, there must be a presence of a guardian above the age of 18.

Note – If there is any history of travel to Israel then that can serve as a hindrance in your application process for Saudi Arabia Visa from UK.

Saudi Arabia visa

What is the cost of a Saudi Arabia visa from UK?

Typically, the cost of Saudi Arabia visa fee starts from £180 and can go up to £430.

Entry Type Duration of Stay Processing time Visa Rates (GBP) Handling fee (GBP) Total Rates (GBP) (With Insurance)
Tourist E-Visa 1 Year 3-4 Working Days £ 151 (£)29 £180
Umrah Visa 90 Days 3-4 Working Days £ 151 (£)29 £180
Invitation Letter for Business Visa 1 Year 3-4 Working Days £ 306 (£)29 £335
Invitation Letter for Business Visa 2 Year 3-4 Working Days £ 401 (£)29 £430
Invitation Letter for Business Visa 3 Year 3-4 Working Days £ 571 (£)29 £800


  • The tourist eVisa cost includes a fee for full health insurance during your stay in Saudi.
  • The multiple-entry tourist visa is valid for one year from the date of issuance, and the permissible period of stay is 90 days.
  • Overstay fees: SAR100 for each day of overstay when the visa expires without leaving Saudi. A refund in case of rejection is not possible. Visa fees are nonrefundable. 
  • UK (business or tourist) visa holders are eligible for the visa on arrival; the visa must be used at least once and has an entry stamp from the issuing country.
  • UK permanent residents are eligible for the visa on arrival.

One important question when you visit Saudi Arabia from UK is:

Do Saudi Arabia Laws Apply to Tourists?

There are many countries across the globe that are very particular about their laws and codes of conducts and Saudi Arabia belongs to this category. It is a strict Islamic nation and has several laws that decide the code of conduct for permanent or temporary residents including dress code, behavioral codes and so on. Although Dubai has a fair amount of relaxations in laws, needless to say, these laws exist there too and apply equally to all.

As a tourist in Saudi Arabia from UK, ensure that you abide by the laws and take them seriously. Another thing to keep in mind is that Saudi Arabia does have terrorism and there can be an attack at any time of the day, and foreign nationals are usual targets, so keep concern for your safety.

Top places to visit in Saudi Arabia from UK

Top attractions of Saudi Arabia:

  1. Al Masjid an Nawabi – It was the third mosque built in the history of Islam,[a] and is now one of the largest mosques in the world.
  2. Great Mosque of Mecca – Holy Ka’bah’), is a building at the center of Islam’s most important mosque, Great Mosque of Mecca ‘The Sacred Mosque’.
  3. Kingdom Centre Tower – This is the tallest building of KSA featuring shopping malls, residential units and offices.
  4. Al-Balad – Aside from the years of repurposing, this neighborhood is the nexus of an initiative to increase awareness of Jeddah’s historical significance to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  5. Black Stone – Aside from the years of repurposing, this neighborhood is the nexus of an initiative to increase awareness of Jeddah’s historical significance to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  6. Kaaba – This is the holy mosque of Mecca, built by the Prophet Abraham, it is a sacred centerpoint to which millions of Muslims each day face to pray.
  7. Safa to Marwa – Safa to Marwa is a pilgrimage on the way back from Umrah visit. In total it is a 7 km walk, some of it uphill and some downhill.
  8. King Fahd’s Fountain – Towering over Jeddah on a calm day at a majestic 1,023.62 feet, the fountain is the world’s tallest fountain.
  9. Masjid Quba – This is the first mosque in the history of Islam whose foundation stone was laid down by Prophet Muhammad.
  10. Mount Uhud – The vivid history of Islam is alive in Medina; a history that stands witness to every incident that occurred, still present with its scenes and the haven of its martyrs.

Make sure you visit all of these places when you get an access to Saudi tourist evisa from UK. For quick and easy visa and all the required visa assistance you can connect to us.

Saudi Arabia visa



How long does it take to get a visa for Saudi Arabia from UK?

The application takes 4-5 working days to be processed and a Saudi Arabia visa from UK is valid for a maximum of 60 days from the date of issue.

Can UK citizens get visa on arrival in Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi Arabian visa is accessible to all and can be applied for in quick & easy steps.If you are one of the 49 countries that are eligible for eVisa or Visa on Arrival, the application process is quick and easy.

Saudi Arabia visa

Do British passport holders need visa for Umrah?

British Nationals can perform Umrah on a Saudi tourist e-Visa. British Nationals resident outside of Saudi Arabia can apply to perform Umrah through the official Ministry of Hajj app Nusuk.

How to get hajj and Umrah packages in cheap price?

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