How to Prepare for Umrah – Expert Tips for a Well Planned Pilgrimage


For all Muslims around the world, the most spiritually uplifted and meaningful experiences come from holy pilgrimage to Makkah and Madina. These spiritual trips that include the highly esteemed Hajj and equally important Umrah allows one to purify their spirit and symbolize their connection with the creator of this universe. But before you can start your holy travel, you of course need some pro tips and advice for Umrah. So that you can complete your journey in the most satisfactory manner.

These tips are necessary as millions of Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia every year to offer prayers, strengthen their faith and lastly to ask for forgiveness for their acts of misconducts or sins. Many save their halal earnings and plan their travel for years to finally fulfill their holy Kaaba dream. Hence in order to save you that time of searching over and again, here I have complied a few tips to make your Umrah experience not just easy but a memorable one.

Please note that I am providing these tips based on my personal experience and as I am not a passport holder I first applied for my Saudi tourist visa from UK.

10 Best Tips and Advice for Umrah

Umrah is a holy pilgrimage that definitely requires your devotion, dedication and careful planning. It is a huge privilege to visit Holy Kaaba and Al-Masjid an-Nabawi. Hence you must be well prepared with every aspect of this journey. I understand that you might have several concerns and questions including the right Niyyah to final Tawaf. Particularly for those who are going for the first time. Hence these useful tips for Umrah will be helpful in performing yours with ease. So let’s get started.

Begin with the Fair Intention

The Niyyah or intention is the main focus of your Umrah pilgrimage. Therefore it is important that you purify your heart and solely aim to seek the blessings of Allah before travelling to Saudi to meet your creator.

Seeking his forgiveness and persistent guidance in all facets of your life must be your only goal. By dedicating Umrah to the pleasure of Almighty you may receive immeasurable rewards in return.

Understand the Important Rituals

You need to perform several rituals during Umrah including Niyyah, Istilam, Tawaf, Hateem, Multazam, Maqam Ibrahim, Safa and Marwah and lastly cutting hair. Each of these rituals hold great spiritual importance. Hence, it is important that you understand them to make sure that your holy journey is carried out properly.

Tips and Advice for Umrah is Incomplete without the Checklist & Smart Packing Options

Please remember that performing Umrah is not something that you do for pleasure or leisure. You will be going to a foreign country where a very few people know your local language. In fact, a very few people in Saudi Arabia speak English. Hence you have to be mindful about them.

Apart from that make a list of items that you will need like Ihraam, other clothes, foot wears, toiletries etc. For a list of the things you really need to bring you can also seek advice from your elders and buy them and buy them in advance.

Make sure you prepare and pack smartly for traveling to Saudi Arabia for Umrah. In order to be comfortable choose clothing as per the local weather. Additionally, since you will need to change to perform rituals carry only the necessities in your luggage. And if possible keep a spare Ihram for any emergency requirements.

Keep yourself Hydrated

The weather in Saudi Arabia, particularly in Makkah and Madina, may be difficult throughout the year, especially for visitors from colder climates. To ensure convenient access to water, always keep a reusable water bottle with you.

Keep in mind that Umrah is more than just a pilgrimage. To ensure a smooth journey, you need to be physically prepared for the rituals because they might be demanding.

Learn to Wear Ihram Correctly

There are several restrictions to wear Ihram that apply to you when you get into this state to perform rituals at Umrah. Any negligence is regarded as a major breach and depending on the severity of breach the amount of ‘Badal is applied’.

It is essential that you are aware of the restrictions that Ihram places on you in order to follow them properly. For men especially wearing Ihram is quiet complex and requires practice to carry it correctly. You can take help to wear the same from someone who has already been to Umrah and is known to you.

Never Take Someone Else’s Belongings

Please be aware that transporters of drugs in Saudi Arabia are subject to death penalty. These drug dealers are punished severely in the country every year.

Hence, always be careful and avoid falling for any such scam. Even if someone asks you to send a package to a relative or friend in Saudi Arabia don’t just fall into the trap at least without seeing it.

Apply for Visa Well in Advance

As I mentioned in the beginning that you will need an Umrah visa from UK to travel to Saudi Arabia. Hence apply for it in advance to ensure a smooth experience. Get all the necessary documents ready including passport, UK residency permit and photograph in order to get the visa without any complications? It is better to get in touch with a travel agency for a guided process.

They can help you prepare documents as well as get the visa quiet effortlessly due their experience. Moreover, you don’t want to be deported back to your country due to incomplete documentation. Experts know the in and out of the visa application process and can guide you with everything related to visa.

Respect the Local Customs

You will be going to a different country to perform your holy rituals and hence it is necessary to follow and respect the local traditions and customs. If anyone from your family or friends has already been to Umrah you can ask them for any specific guidelines or rules set by the country.

Practice Kindness

Performing acts of charity and kindness is an essential part of the Umrah experience. It is a noble gesture to share your blessings is it through donating or by offering a help.

Treat locals and fellow pilgrims with kindness and respect. Acts of kindness include giving food to the poor people, helping the ones who are lost and even saying Namaz-e-Janaza for a soul going from this world to another.

Last but Not Least – Capture all the Wonderful Memories

One of the best tips to make your Umrah trip memorable is either keeping a journal or taking pictures of course. You can also buy souvenirs which will always remind you of your journey and will always inspire feelings of gratitude and reflection.

Saudi Tourist Visa from UK

To make the most of your Umrah experiences maintain a strong spiritual connection all through your journey. Enjoy every second of your pilgrimage to the sacred towns of Madina and Makkah with utmost respect and dedication. Hope you find all the tips and advice for Umrah helpful.

Moreover, ask Allah for forgiveness and blessings by performing continuous Dua. It is recommended to know the acts of worship and all the rituals before going

Engage in continuous Dua, seeking Allah’s blessings and forgiveness. Please familiarize yourself with the rituals and acts of worship, understanding their significance, and performing them sincerely. So, that when you go there you actually understand their significance and can carry out genuinely.


What are the benefits of performing Umrah?

Umrah helps to clean your soul and become close to Allah. You also find inner peace and it is also said that the doors to heaven also open after performing this pilgrimage.

What are the Umrah visa requirements?

Completely filled-out Umrah visa application form. You must carefully read and sign the declaration that is given at the bottom of every application form.

Which month is cheapest for Umrah?

As for the rest of the year, June through August will bring very hot weather. With the added benefit of cheaper Umrah package costs, these months are comparatively less crowded with pilgrims than the spring.

What are the different types of Umrah packages available?

You can buy economy, premium or luxury package according to your budget preferences. These can be for 7, 10 or 14 Nights even more as per your availability.

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