Rights of Woman in Islam – Everything You Need to Know About


Did you know? In Islam, both men and women are considered to be equal, in terms of their relationship to Allah. Both are promised the same reward for good conduct and the same punishment for evil conduct.

According to the holy book of the Qur’an, “And for women are rights over men similar to those of men over women”.

In Qur’an, you will usually find the expressions and words that emphasize the equality of men and women, in terms of:

  • Their Duties
  • Virtues
  • Merits
  • Rights

Therefore, we can say that the holy religion of Islam respects the rights of women just as equal to men.

Islam revolutionized the Rights of women in Arab Region

Before the holy religion of Islam came into the Arab region, the previous natives indulged in unfair practices and behavior toward women.

This meant that women were not treated with respect and dignity. However, everything changed when Islam came into the picture!

Did you know? The holy religion of Islam considers men and women to be created from a single soul i.e., having the same essence and the same importance.

In another book of Islam, it is clearly written that women are twin halves of men.

That’s a beautiful statement which emphasizes the standing of women in the Islamic religion and society.

A Woman is considered to be a “Fortress” in Islam

The holy book of the Qur’an calls a woman “muhsana” which literally means a fortress against the evil one – Satan.

Why called a woman fortress? A good woman helps a man keep himself on the path of rectitude after marrying him.

Rights of Woman in Islam

That is why even Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) calls holy matrimony a virtuous act carried out by a woman.

Rights of Women in Islam

The holy religion of Islam considers a woman to be an independent personality.

A woman is entitled to make a bequest or a contract in her name. Additionally, a woman has the right to inherit her position as a daughter, mother, sister or as wife.

A woman also has the right to choose her own husband. These rights were not prevalent before the advent of Islam.

However, when the light of Islam shone on the Arabic regions it throws open the doors of equality and dignity for women!

Islam also talks about widows and upholds their cause. In earlier times, widows were looked upon as reclusive people who don’t have the right to remarry.

However, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) encouraged widows to remarry and exhorted his followers (men) to consider widows as equal to unmarried women and marry them.

Islam respects the role of Mothers

The holy book of the Qur’an throws light on the numerous rights of a mother. Muslims are exhorted to respect their mothers and serve them well.

Mothers also have the greatest rights over you (in regards to attention & kindness).

Rights of Woman in Islam

These are some of the most important roles and rights of a woman that you will find in the holy book of Islam.

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