Stone & Surface Saudi Arabia 2024–Elite Marble & Stone Event in Riyadh


Come glimpse the future of architecture and materials at Stone & Surface Saudi Arabia 2024. This dazzling Middle Eastern event unveils innovative designs and groundbreaking products set to transform buildings worldwide. Join fellow professionals on an eye-opening adventure where you will come across the most visionary trends and sustainability solutions. Want to know more? Read on!

Stone & Surface Saudi 2024 –Industry-Leading Marble & Stone Event!

Join the leading minds driving the future at Stone & Surface 2024 in Saudi Arabia. It is Middle East’s premier platform for product launches, cutting-edge designs and visionary concepts around Stone & Marble industry. This ground-breaking event enables daring ideas to manifest into reality!

Connect Across Thriving Industry Landscapes

Over 44,500 construction mavericks and 820 global brands set the stage alight in 2023. From quarrying and fabrication to architecture and interiors, leading manufacturers unite under one roof for cross-industry collaboration.

Immerse in Two Days of Pioneering Insights

Previous editions drew elite delegations from over 40 countries to uncover industry-advancing technologies and materials. As Saudi Arabia’s $1.09 billion marble market grows, purposeful innovations await. Ready to go to Saudi? Apply for a Saudi Arabia Visa from UK today!

Reveal Your Brand Innovations to the World!

This event is the proven launch pad for regional growth and global scalability. Reveal your brand’s latest creations that will elevate building design at two days of high-return networking against a visual feast of inventive spaces.

Saudi Arabia is calling industry experts from the Stone and Marble Domain. Are you coming?

Why Exhibit at Stone & Surface Saudi 2024 Riyadh?

Unveil game-changing products to over 1,000 government stakeholders and decision-makers across giga-projects like NEOM and Red Sea Global.

  • Ignite Fresh Partnerships

From contractors to architects, rub shoulders with Saudi’s construction elite. Spark deals with those building the nation’s tomorrow!

  • Make Your Presence Felt

Position your brand at the pulse of MENA’s most exciting developments. Demonstrate expertise that will help you secure KSA’s emerging opportunities!

  • Drive Sales to New Heights

Like exhibitors before you, sign lucrative contracts on-site. Turn fresh connections into leads, and leads into growth.

  • 2023 Exhibitor Achievements at Stone & Surface Saudi 2024
  • 17 Qatari firms signed $41 million deals and conducted over 170+ meets!
  • Madar Electrical achieved a staggering 358 deals and got around $750,000 in business.
  • Saudi Service Company secured 122 promising leads.
  • Ebrahim Al Jassim Sons Trading drove 413 deals and a whopping $150,000 in sales.
  • First-timer National Panels instantly gained 414 leads at the exciting Big 5 Construct in Saudi.

Why Should You Visit Stone & Surface Saudi Arabia 2024?

Join along with 50,000+ professionals at the exciting Stone & Surface in Saudi Arabia. Here are some reasons why you should plan a visit to Saudi for this event:

  • Witness the Debut of Trailblazing Innovations

From 1,100 leading brands, access over 15,000 cutting-edge products launched just for you. Discover tomorrow’s solutions today!

Stone & Surface Saudi Arabia 2024

  • Build Powerful Networks

Rub shoulders with the nation-builders – the contractors, architects, engineers and stakeholders spearheading Saudi’s mega projects.

  • Futureproof Your Expertise

Through 50 free CPD-certified talks, masterclasses and panel debates led by 65 industry veterans, uncover new career-elevating insights.

  • Interact with the Next Era of Design

Experience firsthand the pioneering concepts and prototypes set to elevate tomorrow’s buildings.

Big 5 Talks – A Major Highlight alongside Stone & Surface 2024

Big 5 boasts some of the top talks in the construction industry. The organizers will gather a world-class ensemble – from the industry’s pioneering minds to the most disruptive thinkers. Also, enjoy expert talks from architects, engineers, technologists & contractors. Immerse in their trailblazing journey!

The Art and Science of Advancement

Through 50+ CPD-certified sessions, unlock targeted best practices to mastermind your personal and team growth. From enlightening case studies to Q  & As and panels, find your catalyst!

Collaborative Knowledge Built for You

These sessions are co-created with leading associations and hundreds of professionals. The program itself scales and shares the strategic concepts our industry needs to progress. Come claim the actionable ideas to transform your tomorrow!

Don’t spectate – participate! Have your say and share your expertise. Together, you can turn fresh ideas into real-world advancements for people throughout the nation to enjoy for generations.

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Stone & Surface Saudi Arabia 2024


Saudi Arabia is moving in the fast lane with a ton of opportunities in the Architecture & Manufacturing industry. The Stone & Surface 2024 in Saudi Arabia is ready to unveil innovative solutions & new trends. So, don’t wait! Grab your Saudi Visa and experience this iconic event with like-minded professionals!



What are the dates for Stone & Surface Saudi Arabia 2024?

The Stone & Saudi Arabia 2024 will be held from 26th to 29th February 2024.

Can international visitors attend the event?

Absolutely, the event welcomes a global audience.

Saudi Arabia Visa from UK

Are there any specific requirements for visitors?

Standard travel requirements apply, along with adherence to local customs and regulations.

Will there be opportunities to purchase materials at the event?

Yes, many exhibitors offer direct purchase options.

Is the event suitable for students studying architecture or design?

Definitely, it’s a valuable learning experience for students!

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