What do you wear for Umrah?


It is widespread knowledge that “Umrah clothing styles” refers to Ihram attire. Entering the state of Ihram, which in Arabic means “not to defile,” is a requirement of the holy pilgrimage of Umrah. Since these garments represent the oneness of Muslims, they are a necessary component in performing Umrah. The homogeneity and simplicity of Ihram clothing help to conceal any obvious distinctions among believers.

The wearing of Ihram diminishes outward disparities amongst Muslims and serves as a symbol of their togetherness. It is difficult to distinguish between the affluent and the poor, the rulers and the ruled, due to its simplicity and homogeneity. Keep in mind that you are always free to replace your ihram attire if it is damaged, filthy, ineffective, or scented.

Ihram clothing signifies that all men, regardless of their class or rank, are equal before God, aiming to remove the gap in wealth and social standing between the pilgrims. The appropriate attire for Umrah is chosen based on both spiritual and practical considerations, such as the climate and cultural sensitivity.

If this is your first Umrah, you probably aren’t the only one who is uncertain about the clothing way (Ihram) in Makkah and Madinah. What should ladies dress for Umrah? What is Ihram for women? Are common queries from pilgrims performing the Umrah? What kind of footwear is appropriate for the Masjid-al-Haram? Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, we will provide you complete guidance on dress code here.

Clothing style that will help you to choose for Umrah:

It is necessary to enter Ihram, a sacred condition of dedication and cleanliness, when doing Umrah, or the “minor pilgrimage,” because it is a requirement of Islam. You must dress appropriately for Ihram in order to enter. Both men and women must adhere to specific regulations while choosing their attire for the Umrah.

Cloth for men

Two unstitched white cotton sheets make up the Ihram for men as per the hadiths of our Holy Prophet. Izar is one among them, and it’s utilized to cover the lower body. The second one, referred to as Rida, is used to cover the upper torso. Along Ihram, men are not permitted to wear socks or underpants. While undertaking Umrah, you cannot wear embroidered clothing or cover your head.

wear for Umrah
Your right shoulder should be exposed while you are wearing Ihram, and your Izar has to be belted in place. Remember that the ihram you choose should not be translucent and should be long enough to easily cover your body. The first stage of Umrah is Ihram. If you don’t do it right, the pilgrimage will cease as soon as it starts.

Cloth for women

The requirements for women’s dress for the Umrah are less strict than they are for males. As long as they are tidy and clean, women may enter the state of Ihram wearing any sort of clothing. Consequently, their entire body is covered in clothing, with the exception of their face and hands; women are permitted to wear any color. The majority of the ladies in Ihram don abayas and Hijabs in either white or black. Shoes and other forms of closed footwear are permitted as part of women’s Umrah attire. In the state of Ihram, women can also wear socks.

wear for Umrah

What kind of footwear is appropriate for men and women?

Footwear for men

As they must have their ankles, heels, and instep exposed while in the state of Ihram, men may opt to wear a pair of flat, supple sandals. When not in Ihram, it is best to wear a pair of shoes or trainers since they offer an excellent grip for extended walks and are also rather comfortable.


Footwear for women

It is recommended for Muslim women to cover their feet. Therefore, individuals have the option of donning a pair of cozy walking shoes or sneakers. They may also put on socks and flip-flops. Women might choose to use shoes with Velcro or sticker closure to provide more comfort and avoid having to tie their laces all the time. Additionally, try to stay away from very bright footwear.


In order to avoid unwanted attention and perform a decent Umrah, it is crucial to adhere to the dress code for the ritual. During the religious trip, one must rigorously stick to keeping appropriate attire and excellent behavior.

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